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I don't know what most of you are talking about

I deleted my Facebook-account years ago, but my latest job (not tech related) uses Facebook for communication.

I created a new account, I have no photos of me there and I share nothing, no posts or anything.

A few days ago they suspended my account for no reason at all and required me to upload an ID of me. I ended up creating a new account days later.

Even though I have nothing of value there I have never felt so powerless. It made me appreciate the ethical fediverse even more.


Sometimes I'll typo things phonetically. Like I'll write "place" instead of "plays". It's weird

LEAKED audio from EXCLUSIVE apple keynote [2019] HUMAN TOUCH SENSING FEATURE.mp3

cant believe karen is in the pocket of Big Goose

What year did you first get the internet?

Devin Townsend and I can at least agree on being overtired #GhostDTP

A horse-sized duck is basically a grizzly bear with a bill and a corkscrew dick. You would be a fool to fight one.

After Ki, Addicted and Deconstruction, is the 4th and final album of the original Devin Townsend Project. The project was later continued with a few more albums, but Ghost's final notes loop back into the first track of Ki, it is a complete loop.

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