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I don't know what most of you are talking about

I still don't know what "The Shrieking Shack" is

Getting your headphones yanked out of your ears by the cable getting caught in something, and trying to speak and finding out that your voice is not cooperating, have the same energy

I haven't even used my voice a lot today, I don't know why I lost it

You know how sometimes you need to ask something, but to do so, you need to first give a lot of preamble to get the interlocutor on the same page about what you're doing?

I had to do a lot of that today with different people and I'm drained.

And even though I have achieved something positive today I can't share it yet because I can already hear the bikeshedding / yak shaving it will spawn, why'd you choose that, why'd you do that this way and not that way...

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I am feeling extremely irritated right now. Tilted? But not in the context of games.

Trying to backorder more MILFs to satisfy healyn's never ending demand

The number of pockets on women's clothing is kept down by Big Handbag

My ass has doubled since the last time we met, Count.

Trying to let go of all earthly things including trying to understand wtf my friends are on about

George Washington be like "I'm defederating from England"

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