Out of curiousity, has anyone here ever received a Twitter warning/suspension e-mail about a tweet with images or a poll in it? Did it include the image/poll in the e-mail?

If I was My Hero Academia, I would simply omit 5 minutes of useless recaps and introductions every episode

He's not actually this pitiful. He was eating in this pic but it's too good a shot not to share

join the "Follow Me" movement. there are three steps:
1) press the folllow button on the goth shrew page
2) receive goth shrew posts
3) enjoy goth shrew posts

@Gargron the virgin four stringer vs. the chad five stringer is truly an eternal bass mood

Buying a cheap 4-string bass guitar when I was intending to learn bass and not sure if I'd go far with it was a great idea until I realized how many songs I like require 5 strings and I literally do not have the space for another instrument

(420/1337)*10 is equal to pi with just a 0.007% error

The Bureau of Land Management will give you one thousand dollars to adopt a wild mustang, my "I can change him" instincts are zinging extremely hard nytimes.com/2019/03/26/us/must

Nah that's not all he's also got some shadowy claws power that makes him even cooler

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