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I don't know what most of you are talking about

When Beebo transcends his organic body to become a cyborg: Beepo

do you eat the kiwi skin?

Me: InCase's background dog is not real, he can't hurt me

InCase's background dog:

Everyone I know stopped playing Overwatch after Blizzard banned that pro-HK player

buddha: existence is suffering

assembled bhikkhus: (nodding, some applause)

buddha: the root of suffering is craving

bhikkhus: (applause, cries of 'yea!', 'that's right!')

buddha: the cessation of craving is the end of suffering

bhikkhus: (riotous applause, stomping feet)

buddha: the path to the cessation of craving is right view, intention, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration

bhikkhus: (go absolutely hog wild, hooting and hollering and doing backflips)

quitting my job to move to Sugma and join the the Siddonese People's Liberation Army

I finally got a frame for my Ocean Machine / Plovdiv poster, although I mismeasured the height by a cm when ordering

And like okay, when it's about missing a train to a work conference. But imagine saying you have a headache in front of like, a town hall. Way more than 30 people. A big hall. And I essentially do that! It feels weird.

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Like when I was at the @Eunomia workshop in Vienna, one of the slides in someone's presentation was a screenshot of my toot talking about the storm cancelling my train to Vienna, and it felt so odd looking at that in a room with like 30 or more people.

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My main is getting followed by a fuckton of new people the past few days and it made me hella shy

*sniper outside my window lining up his shot as i prepare to press "send" on a joke about eugen's name*

Roko's basilisk is real and he is my friend

If you can't handle me posting about my favourite musician without trying to put him down you should not be following me.

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