There are so many people who have "angry" be part of their name/brand. Why would you even do that. What for

@Gargron because how else will we know is For Men™️

@Gargron I guess a LOT of people today are EXTREMELY ANGRY ALL THE TIME but feel they aren't allowed to express it and so they really want to see media personalities, youtubers, podcasters etc saying what they can't

I'm not saying it's healthy, just that that undercurrent of white hot, deeply suppressed, poorly directed rage everywhere is very much a thing and it's why politics and the Internet are both essentially a low-level broad-based civil war

@Gargron mildness is pushed on a lot of people as a desireable trait without room to be much else. it can be empowering and validating to be allowed to be angry., to give yourself room to identify your anger.

@Gargron it may not be true across the board, and it is definitely part of my privilege as a white person to even have the room to do this, but especially when i first reconciled with the fact that i'd been abused since i was a child, and that the dynamic had been repeated in subsequent interpersonal relationships, it helped to be allowed to be angry, especially as a traumatized, disabled queer.

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