Holding on firmly to the belief that fediverse nodes that automatically mirror Twitter are unethical

One of these posts is from the artist's account on the fediverse, the other is an unauthorized Twitter mirror

It's hurting fediverse users by diluting search results with GARBAGE

@Gargron what if there were a centralized directory of users so that at least maybe people wouldnt make the same bots 20 times

@trwnh I don't think that would help at all. The existence of did not prevent the creation of, and both of them did not prevent the creation of, and I might not even be aware of all of them! It's because people think they're smart and the first to think of something so they don't even check.

@Gargron galaxy brain we need to let people follow twitter accounts directly within mastodon :thonking:​ 💩

but seriously nah it sucks that people feel like they need to make 500 bots to follow. it just feels disheartening to think that no matter what you do, some people will not find out about it and will keep doing what theyre doing

anyway the issue is, i think, clearly tied to getting twitter posts natively in your feed. that's the draw of bots. that's what should be addressed. idk how tho

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