What I think of when you say you can't listen to songs longer than 3 minutes

@Gargron why use 500 characters when you could use 500,000 instead right?

@laser It's music, man. Why hurry. Enjoy it while you're alive.

@Gargron this is so specific what happened lmao but i am very into your tactic of imagining people as cute animals that's very good keep it up

@root @Gargron Eugen is being rude to me by comparing me to an adorable puppy who is enjoying the hell out of their life

@Pixley @Gargron the lil chomps at the plant though... if anything eugen helped prove that you shouldn't knock others enjoying the same things you do but differently, that pup is ecstatic doing 5 different things in a few seconds and has no regrets. he's got plenty of time to chase the ball later if he chooses, it's not going anywhere but at this moment it's time for run at camera.
seize the moment not the ball pup says

@root @Gargron we are all living our lives and doing our best and I want to listen to ten songs in twenty minutes and eat a leaf and fall down

@Gargron i can't listen to songs shorter than 3 minutes :^)
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