Mastodon (the father), Mastodon (the son), Mastodon (the holy spirit)


There's Mastodon, the software. There's Mastodon, the project that develops that software. Then there's Mastodon, the misnomer for the network (in reality, "fediverse")

I suppose there's also Mastodon meaning for those who think those are interchangeable, which happens to be run by the same person responsible for Mastodon the project (me)

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@Gargron I think its silly to use them as interchangeable. But the reputation of the two will and do overlap, and rightfully so.

@Gargron I'm surprised people think Mastodon is the whole thing

@Gargron Actually, Mastodon is the scientist, the name of the communications network is Mastodon's Monster

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