I wonder how all the cats of the fediverse are doing right now

@Gargron mine are sleeping
thats most of what they do, theyre like me
very low energy

@Gargron this boy is home alone right now, probably in his bed just like this

@pizza I feel like you've told me before, I'm sorry for forgetting

@Gargron no worries, I had put his name in the caption but I'm on mobile and I think it failed to show up somehow

@Gargron toast is busy in her office and the neighbor cat, buddy, made noises at me when i went outside

@Gargron looking out the window in my room
she really wants to go out there

@Gargron yeah, he's just getting old (15 this month) and has some problems that we're managing but like to keep an eye on.

@Gargron Quentin, one of my foster kittens. She loved me and she loved napping, so this was kind of a best of both worlds situation for her

@dirt @Gargron

thank you for reminding me why i dont foster kittens oh my god.

@Gargron @dirt

if you werent aware eugen, you are supposed to give the kittens you foster back to the adoption place so they can adopt them out. you dont get to keep them.

@Gargron @dirt

dirt just casually like, "yeah she loved me and sleeping so she loved to sleep on my shoulder" when that is like, #1 on a reason i will never ever put that kitten down again ever again sorry humane society you dont get to adopt her out i have 52 cats now it's fine.

animal death 

animal death 

@Gargron @root @dirt

yeah, it's kind of the worst. I fostered a puppy this summer and we had to give him back right when we started getting attached and right after he stopped pooping in the house regularly :/

@Gargron @root it is very hard to put them up for adoption after you take care of them for a while

@Gargron Our child was angry that we left him for a day and I am sad that we can't bring him along when we're away for a month.

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