There are many toots I would've boosted if they'd started with a capital letter

@Gargron I have the same thing about image descriptions

@zenhob Yeah, those have to start with a capital letter too

@Gargron you write the software; why not just hard code it in?

@someonetellmetosleep @Gargron alternatively, disable the boost button for any toots that don't start with a capital letter.

please exempt haikus
lowercase is their style
and style matters


@Gargron @koyu feature parity with pleroma
it has reacts now in the develop branch

@reitrace @koyu Misskey had them for over a year, it doesn't mean we'll also have them.

It might very well end up being an annoying mess.

@reitrace @koyu Also is it to difficult to tag my work account for work-related questions? Why am I getting this question here?

@Gargron @reitrace idk i just ping you where you seem most online at right now so i can reach out to you faster

@Gargron @reitrace i do understand why you won't implement it, but i think each mastodon update should bring some big new features to end users. i think having a really feature-packed software is something that should be a good thing. also i'm not sure, but the extra load should be handleable by most servers nowadays and reactions would be another thing that would set mastodon apart from twitter.

cc @Gargron for continuing this thread in the work-related account

@koyu @reitrace Anything related to statuses is in Mastodon's "hot path". That shit gets loaded everywhere. Notifications? Statuses. Profiles? Statuses. Threads? Statuses. Inside statuses? Statuses. Performance degradations related to statuses would be felt very strongly in the application, and reactions are something each status would have multiple of.

Besides, the UI would likely be awful. You think a 500 char status is long, add 200 different reaction buttons underneath.

@koyu @reitrace Those UI and performance issues are present for announcement reactions as well, but because there's only 1-2 announcements and they're rare and out of the way in the UI, the downsides are not so strong.

@koyu @reitrace We've decided to limit an announcement to 8 different types of reactions to save space, but that's a problem: A single person can decide which 8 reactions it's going to be, if they're quick to do all 8. If you want it to be like Discord where people can spell things using reactions, the order is important, so sorting by most votes and then cutting off isn't allowed. In Discord it works because rooms are small and consists of mostly trustworthy people. Social media is wild west.

@Gargron @koyu youre forgetting large public discord servers exist

@reitrace @Gargron yeah, there are discord servers with half a million users haha

@koyu @reitrace I've never been in one and cannot say what the dynamic there is but I imagine Discord has all the same problems in such cases, except their limit is 20 instead of 8 because vertical space isn't as scarce.

@Gargron @koyu you are in the minority then
reactions are just wild wild west shit tbh most of the time

@reitrace @Gargron i think reactions would be as much used as polls and i rarely see polls pop up in my home feed

@koyu @reitrace You need to think of the implications, though. Discord is a chat, most messages just fly by, even announcements are relatively short-lived because boosts aren't a thing, embeds aren't a thing. A post on Mastodon has the potential to be spread around 3 years later, people post their artwork, report news, things that if they got vandalized it would be felt for a long time.

@Gargron @koyu embeds actually are a thing on discord
if youre talking about attachments or web embeds with opengraph and stuff

@reitrace @koyu You can embed a Discord message on a website? Wtf

@reitrace @Gargron secretly uses discord to host images btw

@koyu @reitrace Hotlinking images in an AWS bucket is not embedding

@Gargron @reitrace yeah i just thought it would be a funny sidenote, not related to the thread

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@koyu @Gargron yeah
discord reacts are really only used on announcements most of the time anyways
mainly because those messages have the most longevity

@koyu @Gargron @reitrace @Gargron
I deeply disagree with " each mastodon update should bring some big new features to end users".

That might just lead to an insane mess of a product. That doesn't mean I disagree with the idea of reactions - the idea intrigues me. But then again we can just toot an emoji as a reaction, which I often enough already do.

@Eugen (Remastered) @Leonie  :bunhdheart: @Paul

β€œBut then again we can just toot an emoji as a reaction, which I often enough already do.”

And that's how I ended up supporting emoji reactions after a great deal of thought and comparison of different ways of doing this. Sending comments with a single emoji is supported by every ActivityPub project that supports comments and federates easily without requiring any protocol extensions or getting Misskey, Pleroma, Hubzilla, etc. to all agree on how to do it. These are easy enough to detect and flag internally as emoji reactions and then displayed in whatever way you want to display this information. I don't personally think it's informative or useful to see a post summary of 6 broccoli, 2 taxis, an elephant, 4 white moms and 8 other moms of different shades, one who also has a kid. But that's just an implementation detail and easy enough to add if people demand it.
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