My main is getting followed by a fuckton of new people the past few days and it made me hella shy

Like when I was at the @Eunomia workshop in Vienna, one of the slides in someone's presentation was a screenshot of my toot talking about the storm cancelling my train to Vienna, and it felt so odd looking at that in a room with like 30 or more people.

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And like okay, when it's about missing a train to a work conference. But imagine saying you have a headache in front of like, a town hall. Way more than 30 people. A big hall. And I essentially do that! It feels weird.

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@Gargron social media is for normal things and it's weird that that's weird

@Aleums But what's normal when everyone looks at you as the developer of a platform, and admin of your server? What's normal when commenting on something happening can cause journalists to e-mail you for details? What's normal when your posts are used as examples on PowerPoint presentations about Mastodon?

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