Everyone I know stopped playing Overwatch after Blizzard banned that pro-HK player

@Gargron i miss when overwatch characters actually did *damage*

i Do Not enjoy standing there shooting at each other for 3 min with nerf bullets

@soft I've also stopped playing Overwatch when Blizzard banned that pro-HK player so I do not really know what changes they've made to the game since, but sounds bad

@Gargron i stopped playing it when it stopped being fun for me (100ish hours in) because im cool and ahead of the curve

@cute I mean, it was nice having a group of up to 12 people to play with

@cute I could only have enjoyed Overwatch because you don't have to aim on all heroes

I'm bad at aiming

@cute I'm having a deja vu, didn't you give me advice about mouse acceleration and sensitivity before?

@Gargron yes i did but i really just wanna play siege with you :3

@Gargron if you play rook you dont even have to aim to help the team! hes got t shirts to help everyone stay safe :3

@Gargron I still play occasionally but only to hangout with my friends the game itself is incidental.

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