When defederated from it was .social distancing


sunbeam city alone in a room like a movie character hiding the zombie bite they sustained earlier.

shouting through the door "everything is fine on our instance! go away!"

@Gargron @ajgoulet How would you be weary of a server that doesn't federate with yours?

@hypolite @Gargron Ah, I see. Good point. I was just curious as to why the instance chose to defederate.

@hypolite @Gargron @ajgoulet From what I understand, they felt that wasn't enforcing strong enough social justice standards and given the sheer number of accounts on the flagship instance, decided on defederating entirely rather than facing a volume of reports expected to overload their moderation capacity.

@hypolite @ajgoulet Nah they were spreading some misinfo about one of my mods

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