I don't understand people complaining about cursive. Do you never write with your hands? Or how do you write with your hands then? Just block letters? Isn't that super inconvenient?

@Gargron block letters, or what we called 'print', yes. The standard kind of writing. We learned cursive in school but I never found it significantly faster, and it was always WAY less legible to me than print. An absolute nightmare to decipher.


@natecull In my schools both in Russia and Germany, cursive was standard!

@Gargron @natecull Me too, but I couldn't drop it fast enough when I learned block letters.

@Gargron It was for me in the 1970s-1980s, but I think ours was the last year in which it was taught.

For which I was very grateful. So many kids who didn't have to go through the pointless hell we did of learning two separate handwriting systems, one useful and readable, one absurd and unreadable, refused by industry and never to be used.

By my high school year keyboarding was coming in, instead, which was much more useful for the future.


Basically my experience learning Cursive taught me an important lesson, which is that sometimes teachers are wrong and schools teach you stupid stuff that only wastes your time and hurts you.

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