Now I too can't stop thinking about pain hamburger

@WAHa_06x36 @trwnh In the post-apocalyptic world we, the cursive writers, will have a competetive advantage

@natecull In my schools both in Russia and Germany, cursive was standard!

@trwnh No? Being convenient is it's point. Lets you write without lifting your pen.

I don't understand people complaining about cursive. Do you never write with your hands? Or how do you write with your hands then? Just block letters? Isn't that super inconvenient?

I deleted my Wasabi account today hope that had nothing to do with it

Impressionist shitposting, i.e. you hint at the parts that would be funny and leave the assembly as an exercise to the reader

The bassist of Tesseract has Hugh Grant energy

Turning the "legs" slider all the way up on the character creation screen

When defederated from it was .social distancing

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