Harry Potter movies opinion, Fantastic Beasts spoiler 

@dickmandrake That was a pretty cool scene and not an awful movie. It's the one with Grindelwald later that's kinda bad...

Harry Potter movies opinion 

One thing that bothers me about the movies is they never show how casual it is for wizards to do magic. Like there's so many scenes where something gets broken and they never just immediately cast a Reparo on it. In the movies magic seems to be reserved for important things only, you know?

I haven’t taken or posted a selfie in a long while. I do still have a corporeal form

I haven’t taken or posted a selfie in a long while. I do still have a corporeal form

Time to play the game of "is tooting.ai lagging like hell or did my joke not land"

Left this as a note to myself:

"Dwight raising and lowering cholesterol at will but with dissonance and resolving to consonance"

@hypolite @ajgoulet Nah they were spreading some misinfo about one of my mods

Fondly remembering the times I woke up with a good mood. It feels like it was only weeks ago.

everyones bio looks like this: tiniest little walnut 🧆 calcified 💀 no gods no organs 💫

Since the 30 seconds karaoke thread I've been trying to record Is There Anybody There by The Dear Hunter, but I still can't sing it without mistakes. I must have filmed and deleted like 30 takes by now. It's getting better, and it even feels easier to sing certain parts which were difficult for me before, but I'm still not there especially with the second to last verse.

Medical issue, question 

@healyn Haven't had the issue since waking up. Everything seems to be back to normal. Thanks for checking up on me.

Medical issue, question 

@bee @DaniloGiannelli@mastodon.social Okay thanks

Medical issue, question 

@DaniloGiannelli@mastodon.social My mom had the same guess -- told me she couldn't feel half her head when it happened to her.

I don't have any syringes. Should I try to do it with just a shower head, or wait until tomorrow to visit a proper doctor?

Medical issue, question 

So suddenly I got a loud ringing noise in my right ear and it immediately felt like my hearing in that ear was diminished. Then I noticed the ear and the area around it feels numb to the touch. The ringing isn't as loud now, or I got used to it, but the numbness has not subsided for over 20 minutes.

Anyone know what this could be? I called the emergency hotline and told them the symptoms, they told me I should see a doctor tomorrow.

Boys only want one thing and it's to take next turn in their play-by-cloud Civ 6 game

Time to login to my favourite social network and attack and dethrone god

I've started using body lotion / face cleaning milk after showers recently and I think I'm starting to feel the difference

Dunno what else I might be missing out on

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