Evelyn preparing to drop her album of traditional folk tunes

@Mainebot No? It's a very old instance. It changed hands one time

If every blood vessel in your body was laid end to end, it would hurt a lot

@spicymiatball Damn they're adorable! Did you know Mastodon supports custom emoji? Someone could commission some from you and then you'd be able to use them in posts!

@mayaeh Okay, everything works now. Please mind that the current algorithm is:

If the hashtag has been reviewed, then return it on partial matches

If the hashtag has not been reviewed, only return it on exact match

In gaming, HP means Harry Potter. The goal is to reduce your Harry Potter level to 0% before your opponent.

@mayaeh It seems that something was bugged around the `tootctl search deploy` command so I wasn't actually getting a new index...

I want to boost Shankly from my main but do not want to subject Karen's mentions to the kind of attention the posts on my main usually get 🤔

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