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Eurovision but they invite Israeli and Palestinian rappers with the stated intention of promoting peace and coexistence through the arts

@nickel They have alt tags though that's how they get read out

Screen readers can't vocalize pictograms, it's gonna be "OK hand" or nothing

Steven Wilson's latest music just gives me Banksy vibes, it's a little embarrassing in that way..?

Feeling negative about everything lately (since 2018)

When Beebo transcends his organic body to become a cyborg: Beepo

do you eat the kiwi skin?

Me: InCase's background dog is not real, he can't hurt me

InCase's background dog:

@cute I'm having a deja vu, didn't you give me advice about mouse acceleration and sensitivity before?

@cute I could only have enjoyed Overwatch because you don't have to aim on all heroes

I'm bad at aiming

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