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Have you listened to Devin Townsend recently?

@taweret @healyn @Pixley @mal @Gargron Its pookie. She's jumpy so sometimes i call her spookie. Then she got poo stuck to her butt and i occasionally call her poopie. She responds to all of them

Oh, skeleton wasn't joking about monastery dot social

i brought you a mouse for form's sake but we both know it's too early for this shit

Voldemort: Harry Potter is dead!

Death Eaters: *cheering*

Narcissa Malfoy:

The trick to speaking French fluently is to just pretend like the last 4 letters of any word just aren't there.

Everybody’s talking about some wolf guy but is it one or two and are they inside of me or not or what

Benicio Del Toro is going to win a retroactive academy award because of mastodon

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