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I've been in a metal mood recently so I finally gave a listen to that Devin Townsend guy everyone is always going on about and folks, I get it

So realistically though. I could shitpost from main. I could boost all y’all’s shidding and cumming updates. What stops me? Why am i suddenly feeling shy?

But I wrote some bangers on here... They will be lost...

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I have issues with like, consistency. If I'm writing code, it has to be aligned, evenly spaced, and if it's not, it bothers me massively. If I write a toot and it's got a weird line break, it bothers me massively. Now I've got that about what I do from which Mastodon account.

Hello Mastofolk! It's been a while. I've returned home not long ago & will resume regular schedule, so that means new artworks coming soon!

Thank you so much for the follows! There are plenty of you since I've last been here so HELLO EVERYONE! I appreciate it! I hope you'll enjoy your stay!

Nov 1st I'll be holding an art raffle for my patrons so if you'd like to take part & get your OC or fan OCs drawn by me, don't forget to head over to my patreon! <3

#mastoart #art #dragonage #wip

Is there something like a good selfie template for square profile pictures? 🤔

The election of 1814 is my favorite cause absolutely everyone involved looks like either a vampire, a Frankenstein, or just a general ghoul

yes i have executive dysfunction. but did you know i also have legislative and judicial dysfunction

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