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I finally got a frame for my Ocean Machine / Plovdiv poster, although I mismeasured the height by a cm when ordering

And like okay, when it's about missing a train to a work conference. But imagine saying you have a headache in front of like, a town hall. Way more than 30 people. A big hall. And I essentially do that! It feels weird.

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Like when I was at the @Eunomia workshop in Vienna, one of the slides in someone's presentation was a screenshot of my toot talking about the storm cancelling my train to Vienna, and it felt so odd looking at that in a room with like 30 or more people.

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My main is getting followed by a fuckton of new people the past few days and it made me hella shy

*sniper outside my window lining up his shot as i prepare to press "send" on a joke about eugen's name*

Roko's basilisk is real and he is my friend

If you can't handle me posting about my favourite musician without trying to put him down you should not be following me.

There are many toots I would've boosted if they'd started with a capital letter

Open Mastodon's Twitter, some leftist bringing Ian Miles Cheong into the feed with a quote tweet, it's actually in the feed because of a like on that quote tweet, thank you everybody well played

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