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Hello World!

We created this account to post updates about @pixelfed Labs, an incubator for experimental features and projects.

If we want people to use the fediverse, then we need to focus on them, all of them.

They don't care about OCAPs or datashards, they care about real life privacy, safety and security.

Attending a conference in Prague will not solve the abuse, cyberbullying and stalking problems on the internet and fediverse.

It's up to the fediverse developers to take action.

#activityPub #fediverse

Our new COSTAR service is GDPR compliant and optional.

NLP, ML and Sentiment Analysis requires a lot of resources and will be disabled by default.

Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis and Machine Learning is at the core of the new COSTAR service.

Admins will be able to set SMS, Slack or Telegram notifications to aid in moderation.

Instagram has a lot of issues like Bots, Fake Followers and Spam.

We have to do better.

The Developer APIs will be released soon, and they ship with a few improvements in privacy, safety and security.

We have a few ongoing experiments related to this that will be announced soon!

Hey Instagram users, did you know you can export your account?

Pixelfed will be rolling out experimental Instagram Import soon!

Pixelfed wouldn't exist without the support and feedback from the community.

Thank you fediverse, together we will build a better IG alternative.

❤️ #pixelfed

Stories will be rolling out soon, our next experiment will help improve user experience.

MicroUI will ship as a Single Page Application, paving the way for MetroUI and MomentUI to adopt a better and faster SPA architecture!

We're prepping a major release!

New Features:

- ComposeUI v4 (beta)
- Location tagging
- Full Screen Preview
- Follow/Unfollow button on Timelines
- Improved MomentUI
- Mobile layout fixes
- ActivityPub bug fixes

and more!

See you on #Pixelfed 😎

We've been working on Secure Mode which uses HTTP Signatures and OCAP to strengthen privacy, safety and security for users and admins.

This will be rolling out soon, enabled by default and tested with Mastodon and Pleroma.

We are delaying the Network Timeline until we release the updated admin and moderation tools.

Direct Messages are being delayed until we release the updated privacy settings which enable greater control over who can message you.


I'm really happy with the evolution of the UI.

ComposeUI v1 - May 17, 2018

ComposeUI v4 - Aug 18, 2019

#pixelfed #composeUI

We're making it easier to share your photos.

The redesigned ComposeUI will be released this week, we think you will like it.


It will ship with support for 10k+ cities, we plan to add additional locations in the future!

Add an optional location to your photos. We hope to ship this exciting feature next week!

We have some exciting news!

Our next experiment involves improving federated privacy and security in Pixelfed.

We will be testing ActivityPub + OCAP for the Stories feature which will be released later this month.

This will only effect Pixelfed instances, we plan to support other ActivityPub implementations in the future.

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