Our next experiment is Sponsors.

List your Patreon, Liberapay or OpenCollective accounts on your Pixelfed profile.

We'll add more services in the future!

@PixelfedLabs It may be a good idea to also have 1 non-predefined input for custom link to any donation option - there're many, even though some are only available for certain regions / lists of countries. When "supported inputs" are hard-coded, it limits users: ie, in my Pixabay profile's "other social accounts" I can add only Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, and no way to add Pixelfed, Mastodon or Friendica links.

@PixelfedLabs Is it possible to ad a "buy" button if users are selling products ?

@macadoum We do not have any plans to support a buy button.

@sean @eliotberriot Yes! We are planning to federate the donation links as custom fields like Mastodon does so that should allow Retribute to discover them.

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