@vvvvvv1vvvvv これは実話だけど急に死ねって言われるよ(Discord参照)

@vvvvvv1vvvvv それ取り出すのにありえん時間かかるから本当にアーカイブ用

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@Knzk 最近フツーの生活に戻ったからフツーに夜更かしとか見るんだけど明らかに生活の質が上がった、マジでGOD

@Knzk 文字数オーバーじゃん、夜更かしで毎回川柳って言いながら字足らずになるキャバ嬢並みに腹立つ


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@Knzk 海外の猫の可愛い動画見てたら急にピコってなってLOLを見た時のわたくしの気持ちを3文字以内で答えよ

@angristan You seem to have been studying Korean recently. Are you going to study abroad? Anyway, it's so cool! I hope your new lifestyle will be wonderful.

@angristan Oh, are you going to live in Korea? It's close to Japan, so I can visit there often hehe

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Just some info

Who I follow in the fediverse is **not** a reflection of who's ideas I agree with. I generally follow people who make educated, rational, statements and can engage people with a difference of opinion maturely.

Most of the people I follow are people who think very differently than me and I enjoy the mutually respectful discussions that ensue.

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You can come on tooting.ai to hang out with essentially just me and @b


@fn_aki なるほどー、にしても急になると怖いなぁ…お大事に

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